A Discrete Hilbert Transform with Circle Packings

von: Dominik Volland

Springer Spektrum, 2017

ISBN: 9783658204570 , 102 Seiten

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A Discrete Hilbert Transform with Circle Packings


Dominik Volland studies the construction of a discrete counterpart to the Hilbert transform in the realm of a nonlinear discrete complex analysis given by circle packings. The Hilbert transform is closely related to Riemann-Hilbert problems which have been studied in the framework of circle packings by E. Wegert and co-workers since 2009. The author demonstrates that the discrete Hilbert transform is well-defined in this framework by proving a conjecture on discrete problems formulated by Wegert. Moreover, he illustrates its properties by carefully chosen numerical examples.

Dominik Volland currently attends his postgraduate studies in the master's program on computational science and engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).