Lycurgus and Numa Pompilius

von: Plutarch

Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing, 2018

ISBN: 9783963616181 , 117 Seiten

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Lycurgus and Numa Pompilius


'Lycurgus and Numa Pompilius' is a work of the ancient Greek philosopher, the writer Plutarch (other - Greek ??????????, about 45 - about 127). *** 'Lycurgus and Numa Pompilius' is a comparative biography of the first legislators of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, created by Plutarch. The book consists of two sections. In the first, the author describes in detail the biography of the Spartan legislator Lycurgus, his well-known laws. The second section is devoted to the semi-legendary, second king of Ancient Rome, Numa Pompilia. Plutarch acquaints readers with the origin of Pompilia, the main landmarks of his life and work. Most of the works of Plutarch have come down to our time. Among them: popular-philosophical treatises (On the state of the spirit, Plato's questions, On the Creation of the Soul in Timaeus), moralistic works (On Excessive Curiosity, On Talking, On Excessive Shyness) , comparative biographies (Theseus and Romulus, Alexander the Great and Guy Julius Caesar, Cicero and Demosthenes). The creative heritage of Plutarch has influenced for many centuries the development of European literature and philosophy. The modern reader can use the works of Plutarch as an anthology on the history of antiquity.