Serving Her Betters - Book 2 of 'Sins of the Serving Girl'

Serving Her Betters - Book 2 of 'Sins of the Serving Girl'

von: Anna Austin

Boruma Publishing, LLC, 2019

ISBN: 9780463540411 , 12 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Serving Her Betters - Book 2 of 'Sins of the Serving Girl'


Penny is a young maidservant. Once innocent and pure, she has been corrupted by her Master, the devilishly handsome Lord Wiltshire, and his wife, the sinful and seductive Lady Wiltshire.

The two aristocratic debauchees are keen to share their newly debased little maid. When Lord Wiltshire's brothers come to stay, they are soon putting Penny's tight little body to the test....

----- PG Excerpt -----

'Do you enjoy being a sinner, my dear? Is this what you thought that life would hold for you?'

Penny could quite honestly say that she had not expected anything of the sort.

'No, my lady,' she replied meekly. 'I was always brought up to be a good girl.'

Lady Wiltshire chuckled. 'But don't you see, sweet one, you are a good girl. Good little girls do what their betters tell them to do, and you are quite superbly obedient. Whatever my husband and I tell you to do, you will always jump to do as you are told, isn't that right?'

Penny nodded. 'Yes, my lady,'

Her mistress smiled again. 'Good. You will make quite an impression at the club. We shall have to take you there very soon.

'The club?' Penny enquired. 

Lady Wiltshire's expression was enigmatic. 'Wait and see my dear. Wait and see.'