Structure and results of the 'Globe Study' research program in 2004


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Structure and results of the 'Globe Study' research program in 2004


Seminar paper from the year 2017 in the subject Economics - Statistics and Methods, grade: 2,0, University of Applied Sciences S├╝dwestfalen; Meschede, language: English, abstract: The purpose of this work is to give a short summary on the structure and on results of the GLOBE research program, as well as on a few critics' opinions picked out of the large amount of criticism it received from others. But first the aim of such determined effort for research is explained. The GLOBE study is a 10-year research program that examines the sphere of influence which varying cultures have on managerial staff and on organizational effectiveness The word GLOBE itself is an abbreviation for 'Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness' To be able to construct and comprehend the survey-based research project GLOBE, all participants and readers should have the same understanding of the term culture. Since then, this research program has continued in three different but still correlated phases The first phase corresponds with the aforementioned one released in 2004, named ''Culture, Leadership, and Organizations: The Globe Study of 62 Societies'. The results of the second phase were released in 2007 ('Culture and Leadership across the world: The GLOBE Book of In-Depth Studies of 25 Societies') This research pursued the former one further with regard to more detailed portrayals of leadership qualities within the 25 cultures and recommendations for managerial behavior towards other cultures. The findings of the latest phase three appeared in 2014 ('Strategic Leadership across Cultures: The GLOBE Study of CEO Leadership Behaviors and Effectiveness in 24 Societies'). The latter study shows the significance of CEOs matching their behavior to the respective society's leadership expectations. However, the Globe 2004 study is 'ground breaking in scale and scope' (Globe Foundation: About the Studies). As reported by House its findings are based on responses to surveys from 17,300 middle managers from 951 in the food processing, financial services and telecommunication sectors That is why this paper focusses on the Globe 2004 study