Halloween Party

Halloween Party

von: Jules Fier

Publishdrive, 2018

ISBN: 6610000059010 , 105 Seiten

Format: ePUB

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Halloween Party


A page-turning debut written in the tradition of R.L. Stine's Fear Street, Goosebumps or
Haunting Hour.

In the town of Riverville, there is a street.
It was a street where they used to hang witches.
It is a street where students from school are known to have vanished without a trace, even
till today.
It is a street where strange things happen to people.
It is called Fox Street.
But kids at school call it by another name.
The Witch's Street.

Sean and James received an invitation for a Halloween Party, being held in some abandoned
house, in The Witch's Street. Being bored of doing the same 'ol thing every Halloween, they
decide to go check it out. In the meantime Sean's girlfriend decides to dig in some info on
the house where the party is being held, as there may be something sinister at work, and that
there could be something more to the party, that just being a party.

Free Chapter:
The Present
30th of October
Day before Halloween
'Do you have any plans for Halloween????' Sean Richards asked his friend James
'Not sure!!! I heard some of the richer kids are having Halloween Parties and
inviting their classmates to their houses!!! I have done this with you like every single year
now!!! This town is just boring if you ask me!!!' James Cassidy chuckled.
Both boys were high school students.
Their boring town was Summerdale.
They were having a drink at the Food Court.
At the top floor of Summerdale Mall.
Sean Richards was tall, lean and muscular with honey-blond hair and grey-blue eyes.
James was also tall and muscular, but much bulkier built than Sean. He had brown
wavy hair and hazel-colored brown eyes.
James grabbed his cola plastic cup and sipped from it.
'I know what you mean bro!!! I think you wanna do something else instead!!!' Sean
'You can say that again!!!' James nodded.
'Hey everyone!!!!' a familiar voice called out from behind where Sean was sat.
Sean turned around.It was his girlfriend Kirsten.
Kirsten Hill.
She took the seat next to Sean and sat down.
'I got bad news!!!' Kirsten said.
'What is the bad news????' Sean was worried.
'Tomorrow my parents want me to baby-sit my small cousins!!!!' Kirsten sighed.
'So we can't go out tomorrow then!!!' Sean didn't like what he was hearing.
'You guys can do something together without me!!!!' Kirsten enlightened.
Kirsten was very beautiful. She was short, very pale with Gothic-like black hair and
deep set blue eyes. And she was dressed like a Goth too.
'That just sucks if you ask me!!!!' Sean was being cynical. He really wanted them to
do something together for Halloween.
'Well Kirsten I don't want to go anymore Halloween parties around here!!!! They are
all the same and they all suck!!!!' James snorted.
Sean knew why James was behaving like this.
He didn't have a girlfriend.
His relationship never lasted longer than a week.
And every time he tried to make out with a girl during a Halloween party, something
always went wrong and it always spoiled his night. He was just full of bad luck. Sean felt
sorry for him.
Before Sean could say another word, a girl with a hood passed by their table,
dropping a note.
And before he could say something to that girl and alerting the other two that she
dropped her note, they all heard a loud crash.